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Nick Smarrelli, CEO of Gadellnet, is committed to living a full life while encouraging his employees to do the same. He lives out this mentality as the host of his podcast, Zero Excuses. Nick is a strong believer in growth, responsibility, and making an impact, all of which help him towards his ultimate goal of life without excuse. In this episode, you will hear how his values shape his leadership style and why he believes training is crucial to the success of any organization.

Truth You Can Act On: 

1. What habits do you have that help you live with “zero excuses?” ? 
Supporting Quote:
Nick Smarrelli: “There’s this kind of obligation, and that’s really where zero excuses
comes from, this obligation to use those skills to truly be impactful, both to myself
and to be the best version of myself, but then also be able to use that to impact
lives of others. And so for me that’s the driving force.”
2. What training or development programs do you have for your employees that are making an impact?
Supporting Quote:
Nick Smarrelli: “I think one of our strongest retention tools is this focus on training
and development and becoming a better person. And it’s not just skills around, can I fix
the computer faster? It’s a lot of soft skills. It’s everything from, how do I give better
presentations to email management, to, how do I set goals and how do I create a
better mindset? Or, how do I handle stress better? Or even through more
strategic technical training.”
3. How do you celebrate the “right” things?
Supporting Quote:
Nick Smarrelli: “I literally talk about the people that got additional certifications or
completed training. And so they get a little badge that goes onto their wall. So, I guess
technically that’s gamification that kind of really reinforces, ‘Hey, look at your peers,
achieving so much. You should too.”

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