066 – Encouraging Personal Development [Part 1] | Tommy Richardson

Tommy Richardson is a mental performance coach and trainer, partner of Synergy Training and former International President for Toastmasters International, an organization dedicated to helping others gain confidence in public speaking. He has spent more than 40 years developing teams and people as a business coach.

In Part 1 of this special two-part episode, Tommy dives into personal development. As a leader, do you know your employees’ personal purpose? How can you unlock high employee engagement by utilizing your people’s purpose?

Listen in to Gut+Science as Tommy discusses how spirituality, mindfulness, attitude and more can impact personal development in the workplace.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Tune in to Part 2 of Tommy’s interview next week for Nikki’s full Truth You Can Act On, but in the meantime, share your takeaways and tag us on social media.

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