003 – The Jackson 5: Five strategies to engage remote employees | Tom Jackson

The secret to good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better. Featured guest, Tom Jackson, President of Steel Encounters, inspires this episode’s conversation about the top five strategies for engaging and retaining employees.


  1. Authenticity and vulnerability are key. It’s important as leaders to take off the ‘suit and tie’ and be authentic. Connect with your employees human being to human being. It’s really hard to do because it’s this balancing act. I think for a lot of us in leadership roles we want to make sure to walk the fine line on keeping things professional. However, the more authentic you are as a leader the better.
  2. Check-In often. Checking in and spending time with your team members talking through their personal growth journey as much as their professional growth. If you have a two hour meeting, break it in half by spending time helping your people develop individually, which is as important as growing professionally and meeting the goals of your business. In addition, figure out how to be present on a regular basis. Go and see your people out in the field and go travel to new locations to see just see people outside of your office
  3. Personal recognition. The power of personal recognition even in the smallest forms can make the greatest impact. So writing out a note on a notecard can go such a long way. Think about how you can add more personal recognition with simple touches can make such an impact.

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