084 – Owning the CEO Function | Tim Leman

It’s one thing to fill a role, it’s another to own the role. On today’s Gut+Science, we’re diving into the how and why you should own your role as a CEO and leader.

Tim Leman is the CEO of Gibson, and he is passionate about building a great place to work. He is committed to growth, always striving to get better, and influencing his people to do the same.

What made Tim realize the importance of owning his role as CEO? Listen in to hear the full story.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Know people’s motivation: We can’t treat all of our people the same. Everyone’s motivated in different ways and we have to know what’s there why. We have to spend time listening and understanding how your employees are motivated.
  2. Employees first: Customer service should be a top priority but it can’t take precedence over your employees. When you help your employees win they’ll walk through fire for you and your customers.
  3. Build on their strengths: Always look for the good in people and acknowledge what they’re doing well. You can build loyalty by leading with positivity. When we have a strong relationship with people they stop expecting you to be perfect and start focusing on how they can help bring the company’s vision to life.

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