032 – Grateful Leaders Inspire Cultures of Gratitude | Nikki Lewallen

In this episode, host Nikki Lewallen focuses on gratitude and how to incorporate it into your life, your leadership and your culture.

Listen to this episode to learn how to relate this idea of gratitude to people. People in the workplace crave meaning. It’s the number one driver of engagement. So, if our leadership and fellow co-workers show their thanks, appreciation and kindness, it brings just a little bit more meaning to our work.

Do more of this. Your people will thank you. Your business will thrive. And you as a leader will more fulfilled. 

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Take daily 5 minute breaks for reflection
  2. As a leader, focus on what you DO to show your gratitude and appreciation of those around you.
  3. To build a culture of gratitude, remember, it’s all the little things that leadership does to influence the rest of the tribe to smile more, bring positivity and kindness as a norm.


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One comment on “032 – Grateful Leaders Inspire Cultures of Gratitude | Nikki Lewallen

  1. Tonja Eagan says:

    Thank you for the succinct practical advice. Happy Thanksgiving!

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