126: Surrender Control and Empower | Amy Lynn Durham

Have you heard about spiritual intelligence or SQ? It’s a powerful component to the work in EQ or emotional intelligence.

Amy Lynn Durham is the founder of Create Magic at Work and a UC Berkeley certified executive coach. She teaches the 21 skills associated with spiritual intelligence and has witnessed the magic of the two of these practices.

In this episode, listen as she shares how SQ and EQ together can make a huge impact on human lives and how they can be an agent for workplace change.

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Truth You Can Act On

1. Center on Peace and Put Ego Aside
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Amy Lynn Durham: “Spiritual intelligence is the ability to maintain wisdom and compassion, inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation you’re in. So in the workplace, the ability to make decisions with wisdom and compassion, maintain inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation you’re in, breaking it down a little bit more. It’s the ability to put your ego aside and make decisions from a place of higher motivation, from a place of what some people might call their higher self. You can be agnostic. You can be an atheist as long as you believe that there is a place within you that you can access that comes from wisdom and compassion and love.”

2. Make Compassionate Decisions and Reframe the Situation
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Amy Lynn Durham: “I have clients who aren’t making compassionate and wise decisions for themselves as leaders. So, they’re the leader who is overextending themselves is spending a ton of time on the phone with their employees, letting them vent to, taking on extra work so their employees can have the weekends off. Almost like the martyr. But they’re burning themselves out trying to show that they’re this empathetic leader. The downside to that is they’re not making wise and compassionate decisions for themselves and they’re going to burn out. And then on the flip side of that, I’ll have leaders that say, ‘Oh my gosh. I just can’t stand working with this person.’ And so then we walked through the flip side of that, which is reframing the situation. Rewriting the story in our head of why this person did that because we’re making it up in our head anyway. And so, the compassionate exercise on that side is you close your eyes. You envision that person and you say, ‘Just like me, this person is trying to seek joy in life.'”

3. Practice Radical Self-forgiveness
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Amy Lynn Durham: “It’s all about skill-building. It’s all about radical self-forgiveness because we’re going to make mistakes. It’s all about just trying every day. It’s like lifting weights at the gym. You don’t start with a 50-pound weight if you’ve never lifted a weight in your life. You start with the small stuff.”

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