009 – LEGOs + Core Values—the building blocks of an authentic culture | Seth Morales

Seth Morales is the President and COO of Morales Group, a recruitment and staffing agency dedicated to giving back to the community. In addition to running a $100 million organization, Seth was recently appointed by Governor Pence to serve on Indiana’s Commission for Hispanic Latino Affairs. Here, he leads Project Stepping Stone, a program helping Hispanic high school students successfully prepare for college.

Seth attributes much of his success to Morales Group’s Core Values – Be Humble, Be Courageous, Be Alive. These principles ooze throughout every part of the organization. Unlike in many companies, where employees have no idea what their core values are, Seth has found creative ways to weave these values into everything Morales does.

One way he has achieved this is through the LEGOs Program. In this program, employees are nominated every month for acts displaying the core values of Morales. Every nominee receives a LEGO, which is used to build model houses proudly displayed in each office. For every LEGO house built, his team takes an annual trip to Mexico to build a real house for an impoverished family. This program has been hugely effective in getting the entire organization on board with Morales’ mission.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Leadership Development. Make sure your leadership is aligned. If there is one thing that hinders growth, it’s having leaders who are not on the same page. Cultural alignment and clarity are essential throughout every tier of your company – from the executive team to middle management. Also, don’t forget to invest in your team’s professional development. You are only as strong as your top leadership.
  2. Recognition Programs. Create a recognition program that ties back into your company’s mission. Make it meaningful – something that your employees are proud to participate in. It can’t be an afterthought. Make it a focal part of your company culture. This means creating a system with a frequent (and mandatory) cadence.
  3. Diversity. There are two keys to attracting a diverse workforce. The first is creating a company culture that gives off a diverse vibe. You should be able to walk into your office and just feel it. The second key is going out and developing partnerships with entities connected with diverse populations. An effective way to do this is to hire an Outreach Manager whose main responsibility is to foster these relationships.


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