068 – Learning to Lead Yourself First | Sarah Andreas

“If you’re not leading yourself well, the chances of leading others well is truly diminished.”

Sarah Andreas, Ph.D., is the CEO of WiseWood, LLC, a leadership development company dedicated to helping people-first organizations develop whole leaders. She’s also the author of Invisible Roots, which dives into overcoming the complexities of being a woman in leadership.

For Sarah, invisible roots are the stories we tell ourselves about our ability to lead. These stories have taken root without your conscious thought or permission. How can you remove them, and develop new beliefs and behaviors that truly reflect what you think, believe and aspire to become? 

In this episode, you’ll hear Sarah share practices that you can use to help you become more aware of the invisible roots in your life that could be holding you back from being the leader you are called to be. 

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Focus on Filling Your Cup First. You can’t give if you’re empty. Remember, if you aren’t leading yourself well, you most likely won’t be leading others well either. 
  2. Make Reflection a Habit. Take time to pause and debrief your experiences to learn from them. This is a great way for us to work to get better.
  3. Proactively Seek Diverse Perspectives. Get involved with things you’re passionate about with others who are different from you and ask them questions to understand their viewpoint.
  4. Find Your Tribe. Have an inner circle that encourages you, and inspires healthy competition. 

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