080 – When One Teaches, Two Learn | Ron Brumbarger

Mentoring has never been more needed inside the workplace as many leaders struggle to develop leaders within their organizations. On today’s Gut + Science, we’re visiting with a mentorship pro, Ron Brumbarger, President of Apprentice University.

Ron is passionate about helping others learn and grow. As a result, he’s been an innovator in alternative learning for many years.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Mentoring is a mindset. In order for us to deploy an effective mentoring program, we must be intentional about developing mentors inside of our organization and at the same time making mentoring relationships a norm.
  2. The core of a mentoring relationship is trust. What are you doing to equip your people with trust-building exercises and giving them a platform and tools to do this consistently?
  3. Relationship building is an essential skill. Are you teaching and encouraging it in your company?
  4. All mentor-mentee relationships need goals. Start with the end in mind knowing what you’re working to accomplish both on the mentor and mentee side. Many times where mentoring relationships break down is just their way too gray. So stay on track, stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.

Nikki’s Book Recommendation:


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