078 – Workplace Gamification | Rebecca Metter

On today’s Gut + Science, we’re answering your questions by talking with a CEO whose mission is to create meaningful interactions between people as a way to create real and lasting change.

Rebecca Metter is the CEO of Wambi, LLC, a digital healthcare employee recognition platform that improves patient satisfaction and safety. It’s the first gamified system that significantly increases employee engagement.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Start with the end in mind: Define the problem or goal you want to solve then start building the gamification technique.
  2. Make the mundane fun: Gamification is a great way to do this but most important is to make life at work fun.
  3. Ensure key stakeholders are involved at all levels: Everyone in the organization needs to know the Why, why they’re doing it and how it helps them.
  4. Be careful on competition: Don’t let it get too far or it could become unhealthy.

Nikki’s Book Recommendation:


  • Emplify – Emplify is hosting a webinar, March 31, from 2-3 pm EST. We’ve got a great panel of Chief People Officers giving specifics on how to lead your team in this uncertain time. We’ll discuss examples of transparent communication, recommendations on meeting frequency, and ideas for fostering culture and engagement. For an invite, email Nicole at nicole@emplify.com.

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