029 – Healthy Company Cultures: More Than Standing Desks and Yoga Classes | Rachel Druckenmiller

Rachel Druckenmiller (@Rachel_Druck) is the Director of Wellbeing at SIG where she acts as a catalyst in releasing possibilities for her people. In addition building healthy habits into her organization, she also speaks nationally on health topics and writes about it on her blog, Rachel’s Nourishing Kitchen.

Rachel believes in order to create a “healthy culture,” you need to go beyond the surface level. Many people think a healthy company means promoting things like healthy food, standing desks, and yoga programs. While these are all important, they are just scratching the surface. A true healthy culture is one with underlying values that give employees the opportunity to grow, learn, and contribute to something bigger than themselves.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Inspire employees to connect and build relationships.
  2. Provide opportunities for growth starting immediately after an employees hire date.
  3. Ensure all employees at every level are involved in work bigger than themselves.
  4. Leaders can’t care for people they don’t know. Build deep relationships and get to know your people
  5. Develop individual strategic plans with each employee you lead to help them achieve their dreams. Tie their involvement in your company to the dream they’re trying to achieve, and help them get there.
  6. Above all, relationships trump everything. This is where we find the most meaning. So whether that’s internally from leader to individual team member, or helping employees build relationships outside the company—the more relationships, the stronger the engagement.
  7. As a leader, get in the habit of sharing what you need help with. Asking for help shows you are human, and the vulnerability builds trust, which ultimately drives employee engagement.

Nikki’s Book Recommendation:

The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte


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