Healthcare Series: Prioritizing Inspiration as Leaders | Estrella Parker

Estrella Parker is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Satellite Healthcare / WellBound where she aims to create a great patient experience by inspiring employees and team members. 

In this episode, you’ll hear Estrella speak on the importance of building workplaces where employees experience meaning and how the first step to achieving that goal begins with listening and inspiration. 

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Truth You Can Act On:

1. Listening Creates Meaning
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Estrella Parker: “Start with listening and when you’re listening, you give space to that person you’re listening to. Sometimes we listen through surveys, right? And so one of the things that we do is really pay attention to what people are saying, what our patients are saying, and when you couple that with what the organization is about the mission that we have, the values that we have, it becomes then a task of making sure that we connect that. We connect the meaning of what they’re doing, the meaning of their role, the meaning of the situation, to what matters to them and to what matters to the organization.”

2. After Listening, Appreciate Them
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Estrella Parker: “Inspiration is driven by human to human connection, and typically we connect by listening, hearing, and seeing each other. So when I use the word listening, I do mean not just listening with your ears, but really with all of your sensory experiences. It’s what we have to teach our managers to do, our employees to do, state work with their patients or with each other. We also have to learn how to create moments of appreciation and recognition when those are done right and done well.”

3. Inspiration Starts with You
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Estrella Parker: “Managers have to be the primary communicator experience architect for workers to be able to connect fully as human beings and create meaning around the work that they’re doing so that it is inspiring for them. Part of the jobs of managers, inspiring managers and leaders, is to understand each individual person in their team because each of us is motivated in different ways.”

4. Inspiration Humanizes the Workplace
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Estrella Parker: “As human beings, we are not doing things. We are actually doing things because they’re meaningful to us. That is what inspiration is really about, and in the modern workplace we’re so driven by technology and we’re getting pinged all the time and everyone has learned how to be productive. It’s really important to inspire people so that their whole being shows up in the situations they’re in at work.”

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