000 – Gut + Science: What’s this all about? | Nikki Lewallen

Whether you need to land more business or increase output, the road to more revenue and better business outcomes ultimately relies on relationships. And if there’s one thing Nikki Lewallen knows, it’s relationships.

In Gut+Science™, Nikki takes you on a one-of-a-kind ride that cuts to the core of people-first cultures—to see what true success looks like, and how CEOs like you are redefining employee engagement.

If you’re ready to replace gut instinct with the scientific insight you can use to drive change within your organization, this is the podcast for you. Get ready for real talk on leadership, lessons learned and what it truly takes to create winning cultures.

This episode is our introduction and the why behind launching the show.


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3 comments on 000 – Gut + Science: What’s this all about? | Nikki Lewallen

  1. Georgia Andros says:

    Look forward to the best practices, key take aways and how to move the employee engagement needle in the right direction.
    Also, to have more people love Mondays and not just Fridays. 🙂

  2. Lisa Hudson says:

    Loved the content and format. Nikki gives great examples and her enthusiasm is contagious with her guests. Engagement of teams is critical to all leader’s success and listening to the needs of your team is the best skill to motivate others.

  3. Great content and most needed info to live with purpose and help our employees to not only love what they do, but more importantly, use who they are and what they do in their work place to impact themselves and others. Can’t wait to listen to more!

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