BONUS – COVID-19: Leading In Uncertain Times | Nikki Lewallen

Have you ever experienced something so surreal, chaotic, or scary as the coronavirus pandemic? In this bonus episode of Gut + Science, host Nikki Lewallen gets real about the COVID19 health crisis.

These are uncertain times, but there are still things you can do to maintain productivity and engagement at-even if it’s remotely. Nikki shares some get-back-to-basics advice on how to lead through uncertainty and come out stronger than before.

Listen in for the full list and if you have thoughts of your own, share them with Nikki on social or email her at

Truth You Can Act On:

    1. Over-communicate: keep the communication going and remember what Cynthia Pizzaro said recently about consider the right channel. Make sure your message is getting to them!
    2. Show gratitude and appreciation: What are the small touches you can do right now to show gratitude and appreciation? Show them you appreciate them and reassure them. You’re their leader!
    3. Self-care: For every single person listening, please inspire a self-care plan for your people and first make sure you’re doing self-care well. Remember, you gotta fasten your oxygen mask first.
    4. Innovate! Call the smartest people you know and brainstorm. Come up with new ways of doing things.

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One comment on “BONUS – COVID-19: Leading In Uncertain Times | Nikki Lewallen

  1. Tommy Richardson says:

    Nikki , Great information that is so needed !

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