Healthcare Series: Navigating Toxic Leadership | Dan Weberg

Dr. Dan Weberg is a disruptor innovator who gets fired up about breaking the cycle of toxic leadership in the healthcare industry. As a nurse leader, an expert in human-centered patient design, and the author of the first book of its kind, “Evidence-based Innovation Leadership for Health Professionals, ” today’s topic is one he knows well.

Truth You Can Act On

1. Leadership behaviors are as impactful to patient outcomes as medical errors
Supporting Quote:
Dr. Dan Weberg: [6:38] “Patient mortality increased and patient morbidity increased and, and so did errors. And that was directly tied back to this idea of a transactional toxic leader. One that, you know, holds a carrot out for good behavior in the stick when there’s bad behavior. And they were showing that patients were dying more on floors that were led by toxic leaders.”

2. Toxic leadership can be intentional or unintentional, but either way needs to stop.
Supporting Quotes:
Dr. Dan Weberg: [8:25] “The unintentional side is a symptom of the fact that we don’t train and treat leadership as a, as a practice like we do nursing medicine, you know, other professions, right? So, you know, there’s very intentional training to become a clinician, but there’s very little intentional training to become a leader.”

Dr. Dan Weberg: [10:35] “Toxic leadership is really where you got to kind of get rid of people because that’s where it’s, it’s this kind of focus on power and control.”
3. Teams experiencing toxic leadership have a 78% burnout rate and report decreased commitment to their organizations.
Supporting Quote:
Dr. Dan Weberg [12:41] “[Toxic Leadership] It 100% leads to burnout. We can’t help patients be healthy if we don’t have a healthy culture in which to deliver that care.”

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One comment on “Healthcare Series: Navigating Toxic Leadership | Dan Weberg

  1. Excellent podcast! Toxic leadership is unacceptable. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our work at Radiant & Resilient Leadership and the benefits of cultivating a positive, professional, and healthy workplace environment across the healthcare continuum.

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