045 – The Four Commandments to Creating Core Values | Matt Jung

Matt Jung (@mattjung97) is the Co-Founder of Comfort Research, an innovative furniture company with humble college dorm room beginnings. Starting with one bean bag chair in 1996, the company has gone on to sell millions of units with multiple offices nationwide.

Early in his career, Matt was fortunate enough to link up with a business partner who taught him the power of organizational culture. However, simply being aware of culture and actually building one from the ground up are two entirely different things.

In their attempts to forge a thriving culture, they failed over and over. But one day, everything clicked. They accidentally unlocked the secret to creating culture-defining core values. And it turns out it can be done by following four simple rules. Listen in to learn what they are.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Narrow down your values. Can you list all your core values from memory? If not, you have too many. How can you expect to build a culture around these supposed “core” values if you as a leader can’t even remember them all? Cut them down to the few that describe the uniqueness of your organization the best.
  2. Reinforce your culture. It’s one thing to create effective core values, it’s another to actually enforce them. The best way to do this is to establish systems and processes that uphold and promote your culture. What are ways you can reinforce real-life examples of people living out your core values?
  3. Solve problems with creativity. Not all problems can be solved with money. Yet for some reason, many organizations seem to try. Instead of throwing money at your problems, give your people a chance to solve them using their creativity and imagination.

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