060 – Attitude: The Foundation to Success | Mark Schulman

In this special 60th episode of Gut+Science, Mark Schulman (@markyplanet), the drummer for P!nk and rockstar keynote speaker, dives into why attitude is the ultimate power – and how you can shift not only your attitude but the attitudes of others. 

“Understanding that you, as a leader, have the power to drive different behavior and actually produce different results is truly powerful,” he says.

Listen in as this rockstar drummer explains why “A times B equals C” when it comes to attitude, behavior, and consequence.

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. We Can Shift Our Attitude in Minutes. Get cut off in traffic? Did an incident at work or at home get you down? Take a few minutes to list out the things you’re grateful for in life. Gratitude is the foundation to shifting your attitude. 
  2. Attitude Times Behavior Equals Consequence. Reflect on this in your current life scenario. Enhance your life by working on your attitude and behaviors. 
  3. As a Leader, Be Real. The way to be real? Be you! Relationships influence employee engagement so be authentic when it comes to interacting with your people.

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