[Throwback] Healthcare Series: Leading with Gratitude from Within | Jill Kersh

Jill Kersh is the Owner of Thrive Unlimited and a certified life and career coach. She has a passion for equipping others to thrive through their own authentic connection to gratitude.

In this episode you will hear Jill discuss  focusing on what you have, not what’s missing, and how you can incorporate different routines in your day to help your gratitude practices.

Truth You Can Act On:

1. Focus on What You Have, Not What’s Missing
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Jill Kersh: “When you have a leader that’s grounded in gratitude, they’re focusing on what they have instead of what is missing. They make each employee feel seen and heard and appreciated, which leads to increased morale and decreased turnover.”

Jill Kersh: “When they’re in those negative thoughts, The leader is focusing on what’s missing. Oftentimes they’re using comparison. Avoid comparison; comparison, kills gratitude quicker than anything else.”

2. Gratitude Should Not Be an After-thought
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Jill Kersh: “It’s a matter of choice. So the organization and a leader has to start from, you know, top down showing gratitude, and then it, honestly, it becomes contagious and everyone under them starts expressing heartfelt gratitude and that team comes together and it really has an incredible impact.”

3. Be Gratitude-focused to See Gifts in Situations and People 
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Jill Kersh: “These leaders have the ability to increase their success and  the success of those around them, they can see a gift in every negative situation. With their perspective of gratitude turned on and zoned in this often leads employees to flourish in the worst of times.”

Jill Kersh: “A leader that leads with gratitude instead of thinking, ‘Whoa is me’ in that situation, –which the team follows their feeling, by the way– they have that ability to go, “Gosh, what is the gift in this experience? How can we come out stronger and better than we ever have?” And when they start doing that, they start a conversation with their team that leads to brainstorming and creativity so that the company comes out stronger and better than if the mishap hadn’t happened. They choose to learn from every experience.”

4. Start Each Day and Conversation with Intention
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Jill Kersh: “When we start coming from those places where we’re asking things like that, and we’re saying prayers, and we’re coming from appreciation  to start our days with intention, we instantly get to a better place…and as soon as you start thinking about what you’re learning from the experience, you instantly start moving into a place of gratitude.”

5. Adopt Daily Rituals for Gratitude Practice.
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Jill Kersh: “People that have these gratitude practices daily, so those core leaders have a hundred percent of people feeling more joy around them. 84% felt reduced stress and depression, 80% experienced more energy, and they were able to create optimism.”

Jill Kersh: “Gratitude instantly connects you to everything else. So when they’re leading from gratitude, they’re more connected to their employees, their friends, their families, they’re very connected to their missions and their life purpose.”

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