James Sinclair is the Chief Executive and Co-founder of EnterpriseAlumni, the market-leading alumni and retiree engagement platform. Its software powers the corporate alumni networks of both medium-sized businesses and the worlds’ largest corporations to help tap into talent.

In this episode, James centers and reminds us to leverage the blessing that has been granted to us to help others. It is an honor and a privilege to be a leader. Listen as he explains why leadership is a gift that shouldn’t be wasted.

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1. Normalize Leaving
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James Sinclair:  “I ask, ‘Hey, when you leave me in three years, where do you think you’re going to go? And what job do you think you’re going to have.’ We essentially normalize leaving in our organization. We normalize the expectation that at some point you’re going to be looking for your next step and that next step, we hope, will be with us, but it might not be. So when people come and interview with us, I always ask, ‘What do you expect next?’ And you get great insights.”

2. Leverage Coaching
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James Sinclair: “When you leverage coaching, what you find is people get really engaged because you’re moving their life. Yes, the job is moving forward. They’re getting paid, they’re getting learning, they’re getting education, but when you move someone’s life forward, it has a dramatically larger impact on them.”

3. Take an Agile Approach
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James Sinclair: “A lot of companies take for granted that you can teach skills or competencies, but you cannot teach empathy. You cannot teach ETQ. You cannot teach that when he goes to that interview, how is he going to show his strength when someone says, ‘Well, you’ve had no leadership experience before. What makes you think you can do it here?’ So we’re starting that for him because that’s something that he’s going to need. I’m hoping he stays here. I’m hoping we have the role with the manpower that he’s going to be able to lead a team here, but we might not just because of our size, and so I think for us, it’s taken away this concept of what’s in it for us as a company in the immediate and instead, if we just doubled down on focusing on our people, just at every single step of the way, we will win by default.”

4. Commit to Your Own Excellence
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James Sinclair: “We talk about the things that we’re doing for our team members, but actually who’s giving me feedback? Who’s telling me, actually, this is an area where you can improve. So over the past few years, I’m really recognizing my presence in the meeting is to listen. Otherwise, why do I have this team here? So I think that’s important as well to recognize that leadership has to change and constantly iterate and think, where can I grow and what can I do for my own personal growth too?” 

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