116: Leaders: Connect with Yourself | Tevis Trower

Tevis Trower is the CEO of Balance Integration where they have had the same mission for fifteen years: to humanize the work experience. 

We all overlook getting to know ourselves better. In this episode, you’ll hear Tevis explain why connecting with yourself is the first step to engaging the people around you. To learn more about the role of introspection and how understanding the person you want to become helps an organization grow and permits others to do the same, listen to the full episode.

Energize and inspire others to sharpen themselves by being introspective. Ultimately to be the person you want to be and the person you want to become.

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1. Know Your “Why” to Know Your “How”
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Tevis Trower: “There’s always someone agitating and encouraging us to look inward. The problem is that often it becomes jargon, and even if it touches our heart, in the moment of the board meeting and the moment of who gets that next project, we don’t always pause and go to the next step and ask, ‘How do I behave? And what is the true self that I claim I’m trying to come from? How does that influence my how?’”

2. Take Time to Be with You
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Tevis Trower: “I had a client, and we started to look at how much time he carved out within the scope of a day to even allow himself to clear his mind so that he could be truly present. How much was he carrying over, and the emotion of one meeting into the next meeting? There was no space in his life. He would roll straight from work into being a great husband to his wife and a dad to three kids. There was literally no room in his life for him. Now, when you think about the lack of compassion towards self. Then you ask yourself, well, so what’s going to happen in a moment of conflict at work? Well, if there’s no room for compassion that means your nervous system is going to be triggered all the time. He had his great why, and he had a sense of his how, but he had to make space to be aligned with both throughout the day so they would then support his actions. So it’s carving out just a tiny bit of space for that clarity to work.”

3. Stop the “Shoulds”
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Tevis Trower: “No matter how you’ve heard it used, it keeps you from being in an authentic relationship with yourself and with others. The shoulds can often be inspired by what we see outside of us. Maybe if I do that, that’ll make me happy. Or,  maybe if I lead that way, that’ll make me more powerful. We then believe that somehow this aggregation is going to keep us safe and take us into this objective that we’ve chosen, that somehow we’ve associated with being the epitome of fulfillment for us right now, how this is really destructive is that it’s a waste of time. And unless the shoulds are being driven by an internal and intrinsic questioning of, “Does this feel right?” — remove them.”

4. Curious Leaders are Powerful Leaders
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Tevis Trower: “Shut up and learn. If you spend time with a leader, they are going to listen to you with rapt attention. Often, they’re going to be the last person to speak up. They’re absolutely not only learning from these conversations and from everyone on their team and from the news and from stakeholders and vendors, et cetera, they’re sponges because they know that they are just one brain. They’re just one set of patterns. They know that the more elastic they encourage their own kind of neuroplasticity to be, the more they’re going to be able to respond, to be resilient, to be aware, to actually see things as they’re starting to take shape.”

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