054 – Father’s Day Special Episode: Creating a Unified Language of Leadership | Krister Ungerböck

In this special Father’s Day episode, we’re talking to Krister Ungerböck (@MeetKrister), father, author, award-winning CEO, leadership expert, and national keynote speaker.

Krister is breaking down his book “Language of Leadership,” which digs into a new, powerful language that drives emotional intelligence and better relationships at work and at home.

You’ll also hear about Krister’s Father’s Creed Challenge, an exercise that has the potential to transform relationships between fathers and their children. (It’s also an excellent exercise to do this Father’s Day).

Listen in as Krister explains how our language and relationships impact our children and their future relationships.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. 360 Feedback. This is a process that helps us understand how others see or experience us. Get an audience of 20 people or more for a larger sample size, and make it an annual habit.
  2. Focus on the difficult relationships around you. Most of us do the opposite, but with the process we learned in this episode, it can be simple (maybe not easy, but that will make us grow).
  3. Powerful next steps from feedback have 3 parts: Write down what you are going to do; make a commitment; have a date to check in.

Book Recommendation:


  • Emplify – Are you still using pulse surveys? How about annual questionnaires? If your organization relies on either of these, it’s time to discover Emplify. Emplify has created a new way to measure employee engagement. It’s where CEOs who want to know what’s really happening within a workforce go… to get honest feedback… and to understand what needs to change for people to love their work using simple and trustworthy data.

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