036 – Breathing Life Into Your Company Vision | Karen Alter

Karen Alter is the CEO of Borshoff, an award-winning creative and public relations agency that helps organizations attract, convert, and grow. Throughout her 20 year career with Borshoff, Karen has held several leadership positions, just recently stepping into the CEO role.

After taking over, she realized their vision had not been updated to align with the agency’s 30 years of growth. Because of this, it felt like they had various teams in different cars going down different roads. Nobody could articulate their vision or values, and things just weren’t “clicking.”

So, she decided to do a complete overhaul. In this week’s episode, learn exactly what Karen did to get everyone back on the same bus and how you can use her ideas to freshen up your organizational vision.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Reward your employees. Create an employee of the month program that ties into your vision and values. Make sure that your rewards are awesome. Use Borshoff as an example, who gives premier garage parking to the winner of the “Awesome Borshoffer of the Month” award.
  2. Optimize your workspace. When redesigning your space, do research by asking your employees key questions to understand their needs. Build the space based on your employee feedback and not on the last Forbes article you read with cool pictures of an open concept and foosball tables. For Borshoff, this meant constructing different “creativity spaces”, allowing employees to find a place to work each day that will inspire them.
  3. Communicate authentically. As a leader, reflect on how you bring trust and authenticity in all of your life and written communications. Be proactive on this, thinking about it every day before you start. Then at the end of each day, reflect on how you did and what you could do to improve.

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