Performa Subseries: Great Leaders Connect Via Values with Steven McCarthy

Steven McCarthy is the President and CEO of Curative Connections in Green Bay, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with disabilities, aging concerns, and mental health challenges through a broad range of services. 

As CEO, Steven has made it a point to make sure their organizational values show in every aspect of their company. In this episode pretended by Performa, Steven shares ways Curative Connections and its employees model the organization’s values, allowing space for individuals and customers to thrive.

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1. How Are Your Values Showing Up?
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Steven McCarthy: “The first thing that you have to get right in order to lead with values is you have to be mindful about what your thoughts are. Those thoughts are your thinking patterns, ones that reflect all the very best in your organization’s values and what the community expects of you. So, if you have a mindset around compassion and empathy and honesty, respect and trust, if you are being intentional about driving out thoughts that do not comport with those values, that is how you get to a place where you’re leading with values, and people see that.”

2. Emotional Connection Humanizes the Workplace
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Steven McCarthy: “You have to be intentional about caring about other people and valuing what’s happening in their own lives. Get outside your own head as a leader. You have to have those kinds of connections. Being genuinely interested in somebody’s personal life. We all come to work with stuff that happens outside the workplace. When you see somebody in the workplace, that’s just one small portion of them. They might be dealing with say an aging parent at home. They might have a child who’s having some struggles in school. They might have a child who’s going off to college for the first time. Somebody might be going through a divorce. It might be a baby’s first birthday. Maybe somebody lost a pregnancy. These are all kinds of things that people bring with them to the workforce. And I think in order for folks to allow vulnerability in that space, you have to first show and be honest about your own stuff that you’re bringing into the workplace.”

3. Your Workplace Should Give Your Purpose Space to Thrive
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Steven McCarthy: “Our space was designed to help you feel warmly invited once you walk in. If you look at our walls, there is branding messaging on our walls that speak to our organization’s values. On other areas of our wall is  our tagline for the organization, which is, “empathy, experience, and empowerment.” We have huddle rooms for small groups to meet with clients, with other team members. Those sorts of spaces foster connectedness. They foster team building. They facilitate the kinds of crucial communications when you’re providing services to the community.”

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