119: Getting through or Designing Your Impact | Scott J. Allen

Are you using your leadership role intentionally to make the most impact? Or are you just getting through your day? 

Scott J. Allen is an educator and speaker passionate about purpose and making a difference.

In this episode, Nikki and Scott talk about the concept of designing impact versus just getting through your day. Listen in as he breaks down the key factors of making an impact and what you can do to sustain that mentality.

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1. Be Aware of Your State

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Scott Allen: “I think one of the most important steps in this whole process is just really becoming aware of when you’re in that space of frustration. Challenge. Can’t catch up. And in some cases you might just get angry. Are we pausing? Are we really trying to look down at the situation, because oftentimes we are a part of the dysfunction. We are as an individual and becoming aware of that when you’re feeling that kind of intensely over and over, day after day, I’m just staying above water, just surviving. We have to be aware of that and we have to get in tune with that. And then we have to start thinking about what we need to shift.”

2. Successful Systems Equals Successful Outcomes

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Scott Allen: “Every system is perfectly designed for the results that it achieves. So there’s a system in place for my weight right now. Unfortunately it’s not the system I want in place. There’s a system in place on earth that allows us to live, but there’s also a system in place when it comes to your day-to-day life. So, it’s that awareness of really checking in with, okay, this isn’t working. Number two, who are the individuals that I have in my life who can help me think through some of these things? And number three, what are some experiments I can begin to run to create a new system?” 

3. Have a Trusted Advisor Circle

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Scott Allen: “You’re going to have mentors. You’re going to have these individuals who are your thinking partners. You’re going to be running these experiments and it’s going to improve, or it may stay the same. In which case, I think that the conversation with those mentors and trusted advisors becomes, ‘Hey, am I in the right context? Is this the right place for me right now? Because you know what? I’m in this perpetual state of just getting through. And that’s not how I want to live my life.’” 

4. Deliberate Practice Skills Outside of Your Ability 

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Scott Allen:  “Research on humans suggests that most of us, once we get to a level of competence in our role, plateau and don’t stay in that space of growth and development. So for those people wanting to level up, we’re going to start combining a couple of things here. You’ve got time. The problem is as each one of you knows right now there’s a lot of people practicing the wrong things, repeating the wrong things over and over in organizational life. So to level up, you have to have time, repetition, work on skills outside of your current ability level, and then have real-time coaching and feedback.”


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