Mike Reynolds is the CEO of Innovatemap, a digital product agency helping companies dream, design, and deliver digital products and services.

In this episode, Mike joins Nikki to share insights on how he’s built a culture that innovates constantly and moves fast to get things done. 

Listen in to hear the unique way team structure affects speed and relationship building.

Truth You Can Act On

1. Feed the prospective employee pipeline constantly, not just when you are ready to hire.
[00:05:33] I’m always and our team is always out looking for incredible talent, incredible people. You know, it’s almost like we’ve got maybe a potential pipeline in mind. And then candidly, when the business is at a point where we need to grow or possibly add a team member for a particular need or set of jobs to be done, who comes to mind that was wonderful at that, and that we’d love to work with? [00:05:57]
2. Build capacity in your calendar to think.
[00:11:51] The client work comes first. But that being said, we’re very comfortable when someone’s plate has a little capacity because capacity for service individuals will fluctuate. We encourage that capacity to be turned inward and to think about Innovatemap. And, you know, we’ll have individuals share new ideas all the time. [00:12:13][21.7]
3. Build cross-functional teams in your organization to move things fast and help your people bond.
[00:19:02] that’s how we get stuff done fast. And it’s as simple as I just described, which is, hey, we need to spin up a team. And this is happening in hours…we always are very nimble to rally around a business need. And if the business finds that it’s more permanent and needs a more solidified permanent team around it we will do that. [00:19:43][40.6]


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