131: Filling the Workplace Purpose Gap | John Qualls

John Qualls, the CEO and President of Purpose HQ, is the inventor of the Purpose Gap Matrix which helps teams find the exact gaps as individuals in their roles and as a whole.

In this episode, John shares his mindset around purpose at work and the key components he has found to give employees a meaningful work experience. Listen to learn how your team pinpoint gaps and take meaningful action towards crafting their ideal work experience.

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1. Help Your People Find and Experience Responsibility

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John Qualls: “When I really think of purpose, it comes down to responsibility. There’s a study on people who live the longest, most rewarding lives. They study and ask what was it about these people? And Engagement with others and being engaged and responsible for people over their lifetime is the biggest impact that it makes on their longevity and happiness.”

2. Authenticity Is the Core to Living Out Our Purpose

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John Qualls: “A lot of people talk about the young people coming into the marketplace today. I think what they’re really looking for is authenticity. Being genuine and authentic. They’re not looking for a move. They don’t want to be manipulated. They want to be part of something that’s bigger than them. They want to change the world. I like to tell them, ‘Let’s start with the first inch. Start with you, and expand it from there.’ I think the processes that are most effective are truly authentic. It’s so much easier to do things when you’re authentic versus fake.”

3. Reflect on the Tools You Use to Lead

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John Qualls: “You need to begin the dialogue of understanding what it is that people lack and you probably need to work with the person that’s leading you for you to come to an agreement about what that is and what it isn’t. The best leaders I’ve ever had were people who did put me in a place where I could succeed and allowed me to work the way I work the best and still serve their organization. I’ve always felt like this is where real leadership happens. It’s not only guiding but exploring together.”

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