117: Extraordinary Leaders are ATV | Todd Palmer

Todd Palmer is a coach to entrepreneurial CEOs and author of the book, From Suck to Success. He’s a keynote speaker with more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO himself.

In this episode, he describes the life experience that ultimately inspired his book. What’s the key takeaway? ATV — authenticity, transparency and vulnerability. Listen in as Todd describes these characteristics and helps us understand their uniqueness and also where they intersect.

If you’d like a free chapter of Todd’s book, From Suck to Success, simply go to www.fromsucktosuccess.com.

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1. Evaluate How You Are Posturing 
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Todd Palmer: “You’ve got to be authentic, transparent, and vulnerable to kick an addiction. You’ve got to work through those things, but pride and ego are such a huge part of our imposter syndrome. You think, I don’t want to show up as my true, authentic self because I don’t think you’re going to like me. The reality is I already don’t like myself and I’m afraid if I’m ATV with you, you won’t like it. The miracle on the other side of it is if I show up as being authentic, transparent, and vulnerable, you’re going to pick up on my genuineness. You’re going to feel a human connection, which will allow us to have greater connectivity. So the imposter syndrome is really a blocker to the kind of activity we really crave from others.”

2. Self-Acceptance Is Key
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Todd Palmer: “If you want to have an authentic, true life it should drive people to you. Part of it is also accepting yourself. You’re not going to be all things to all people all the time. And that’s okay. That acceptance has to come from first and foremost from within you and that puts it out into the world.”

3. Practice Leaning into Difficult Conversations
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Todd Palmer: “I had a leader who really had to lean into not shying away from difficult conversations. He had two people on his leadership team that were not executing the job, and he had a real struggle with holding them accountable. Part of the mechanism for him was that nice people don’t fire others. That was his internal dialogue. We had to really work through that and lean into, not away from, uncomfortable conversations. We then were able to implement that feedback and walk away with a very clear accountability.”

4. Get Good at Listening
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Todd Palmer: “There are 7 million more jobs in the United States than there are people for them. Double down on further data points, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates that we’re at full employment in the United States right around hovering around the 4% mark by the end of the year. They’re predicting it to be about 3.2%. Add in millennials who are at over 11% unemployment rate. So, if you’re a company that has had Gen-Xs or Baby Boomers as they’re retiring or transitioning out of your company, you think millennials are going to replace them. They’re not. Lastly, we are at a labor participation number that is the lowest it’s been in 52 years. So all the data points to it’s a candidate controlled. So, for the employers who are listening, who are trying to lowball people and wages, stop doing it and listen.”

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