Get ready for high energy interviews led by employee engagement evangelist Nikki Lewallen—ones that’ll have you rethinking what it means to build successful people-first cultures.

034 – Building a Mission Employees Follow | Steve Long

Steve Long is the President and CEO of Hancock Regional Hospital, where he has helped develop a unique culture of inspired and engaged employees. Before taking over the reins at Hancock, he served for 20 years in various healthcare...

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033 – Burnout: A Leading Indicator to Low Engagement | Pete Atherton

Pete Atherton (@PeterC_Atherton) is the President and Founder of ActionsProve, a company dedicated to maximizing the growth of high-performing organizations. He’s also the author of Reversing Burnout, a blueprint that teaches professionals and business owners how to engage top...

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032 – Grateful Leaders Inspire Cultures of Gratitude | Nikki Lewallen

In this episode, host Nikki Lewallen focuses on gratitude and how to incorporate it into your life, your leadership and your culture. Listen to this episode to learn how to relate this idea of gratitude to people. People in...

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031 – Creating a Company Plan Your Team Will Rally Behind | Pete Honsberger

Pete Honsberger (@PeteOhWait) is the Integrator and Lead Facilitator of Culture Shoc, a company whose mission is dedicated to driving engaged teams that produce shocking results. Through his experience working with companies of varying sizes and leadership dynamics, he...

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030 – Empathetic Onboarding | Sue Joyce

Sue Joyce is the VP of Employee Success at Terminus, where one of her main responsibilities is designing an onboarding process focused on the employee’s experience. Her dedication to boosting employee engagement seems to be working, as 72 percent...

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029 – Healthy Company Cultures: More Than Standing Desks and Yoga Classes | Rachel Druckenmiller

Rachel Druckenmiller (@Rachel_Druck) is the Director of Wellbeing at SIG where she acts as a catalyst in releasing possibilities for her people. In addition building healthy habits into her organization, she also speaks nationally on health topics and writes...

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