Get ready for high energy interviews led by employee engagement evangelist Nikki Lewallen—ones that’ll have you rethinking what it means to build successful people-first cultures.

028 – Playing the Great Game of Business | Rich Armstrong

Rich Armstrong is the President of The Great Game of Business, a division of Springfield Remanufacturing Corp. (SRC) – the pioneers of open-book management and business gamification. SRC developed these concepts back in 1983 when a group of managers at...

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027 – Decreasing Turnover in an Employee Market | Cara Silletto

Cara Silletto is the President and Chief Retention Officer of Crescendo Strategies. She is the go-to expert on everything employee retention-related. As such, she is a sought-after keynote speaker and author of the new book, Staying Power: Why Your...

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026 – Awesome Place, Awesome Props | Jonathon Burns

Jonathon Burns is the General Manager of the Yamaha Marine Precision Propellors division of Yamaha Motors. He places high importance on employee engagement and defines an engaged employee as someone who feels confident in what they’re doing, feels supported...

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025 – Celebration and Reflection | Special Episode

Episode 25 Special Episode In our first twenty-four episodes, we’ve discussed ways successful companies attract talent, hire and retain talent, implement impactful onboarding techniques, enhance employee engagement and much more. When you break it all down, the greatest driver...

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024 – Game On: Creating a Culture of Winning | Andy Medley

Andy Medley is the CEO and co-founder of PERQ, a company focused on creating meaningful engagement between consumers and brands. He has built his explosive brand by focusing on hiring highly talented contributors and helping each of them reach...

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023 – Leveraging Engagement (Not Satisfaction) to Improve Your Workforce | Toni Richins

Toni Richins is the co-founder and CEO of HRtisan Solutions. During her extensive career, she’s accumulated more than 20 years of experience facilitating profitability through the development and management of human resources operations. Her expertise in building and leading...

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