Get ready for high energy interviews led by employee engagement evangelist Nikki Lewallen—ones that’ll have you rethinking what it means to build successful people-first cultures.

Monday Fire: Schedule the Uncomfortable

Happy Monday! Every Monday we drop some #MondayFire to help you get excited about your week. Here we go! Our question for you today: How can you schedule the uncomfortable in your day?  Subscribe to get your Monday Fired...

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109: Celebrate Accomplishments BIG (and Not Lose Momentum) | Larry Olsen

Larry Olsen, is an international speaker, author, podcast host, executive coach, and the CEO of Aperneo, an achievement acceleration company.  Larry has years of experience working with Fortune 50 companies, championship teams, and entrepreneurs to establish their vision and...

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Monday Fire Takeover: Growing, Even When It’s Hard with Jason Cochran

Hi again, everyone! This is Jason Cochran with Dulead.  Wouldn’t it be great if we all could just grow and develop when life is mostly rainbows and unicorns? If that were the case I think we’d all sign up...

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Monday Fire Takeover: Why Work? 4 Principles of Connection with Jason Cochran

Hello again, everyone! This is Jason Cochran with Dulead. Do you ever wonder why humans work in the first place? Yes, we all need a certain amount of money to do things, but that’s not at the core of...

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Monday Fire Takeover: Creating a Burnout-Proof Culture with Jason Cochran

Hello everyone! This is Jason Cochran with Dulead. What if I told you that burnout is a disease. Not in a figurative sense…but in a literal, clinical sense. If you’re like me when I first heard this – you’re...

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Healthcare Series: Practicing Intentional Leadership in a Virtual World | Dr. Scott Rissmiller

Dr. Scott Rissmiller is the Executive Vice President and Chief Physician Executive for Atrium Health, an integrated nonprofit health system with 42 hospitals and over 1500 care locations. Scott is passionate about people and culture, which manifests itself into...

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