Get ready for high energy interviews led by employee engagement evangelist Nikki Lewallen—ones that’ll have you rethinking what it means to build successful people-first cultures.

050 – Mastering Communication to Boost Employee Engagement at Your Company | David Butler

70 percent of employees don’t feel engaged at work, which creates a big problem for companies not just across America but globally. That staggering statistic is just one of the reasons why employee engagement is at the top of...

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049 – Seen. Heard. Valued: How to Increase Business Loyalty | Ali Cudby

Ali Cudby (@alicudby) founded Your Iconic Brand to help leaders increase business loyalty after gaining strategic marketing experience at The New York Times Company, Golf Digest Magazine, and Animal Planet TV Network to name a few.  She is also...

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048 – Alleviating Stress Surrounding Student Loans | Joe Weldon

80% of millennials entering the workforce currently have some type of student debt, and with the average student loan amount coming in at around $40,000, debt is a massive stressor for employees today.  On this week’s episode of Gut+Science,...

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046 – Conscious Capitalism – The Movement | Nathan Bobay

Nathan Bobay (@nbobay27) is the Senior Manager of Customer Solutions at Delta Faucet, a leading innovator in water technology. He’s also the co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism chapter in Indianapolis where he teaches business owners how to do business...

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045 – The Four Commandments to Creating Core Values | Matt Jung

Matt Jung (@mattjung97) is the Co-Founder of Comfort Research, an innovative furniture company with humble college dorm room beginnings. Starting with one bean bag chair in 1996, the company has gone on to sell millions of units with multiple...

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044 – The 360 Degree Approach to Engagement | Denise Graziano

Denise Graziano (@GrazianoAssoc) is the CEO of Graziano Associates, a marketing communications company that intertwines employee and customer engagement to drive revenue, retention, and loyalty. She believes the foundation of successful business is recognizing and capitalizing on this employee-customer...

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