057 – Truly Impacting Employee Engagement | Nikki Lewallen

With the average tenure being just two years, most companies out there are exploring ways to keep their employees around longer. In this special episode of Gut+Science, host Nikki Lewallen (@nikkilewallen) dives deep into, you guessed it – employee engagement. 

Listen in as Nikki defines employee engagement, and explains the four core reasons people come into work every day: purpose, status, money, and influence. 

Do you know AND understand what fires your employees up? 

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Know Why Your People Work. It’s a great exercise to do as a team or at your next one-on-one. You should also know why YOU work.
  2. Understand the 17 Components of Employee Engagement. There are 17 different things that bring people to work. Email Nikki at nikki@emplify.com if you want to learn the definitions of all 17 components. 
  3. Gain Data Quarterly. It’s important to be agile in your people strategy. Data will help you understand what’s working and what’s not. 
  4. Build Relationships with Your People. Understand what’s behind the hat they wear at work and truly get to know your employees. 

Book Recommendation:

  • Email Host Nikki Lewallen at nikki@emplify.com for a full list of book recommendations from our past guests.

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