086 – Fast Track Team Performance with Vulnerability | Emma Matthews

How do you humanize the workplace? On today’s Gut+Science, we’re diving into the topic of vulnerability with our guest, Emma Matthews.

Emma is the Culture and Performance Architect at The Zone, and she is passionate about coaching people and organizations into a new level of performance.

How can you use vulnerability as a leader to humanize your workplace and improve team performance? Listen in as Emma and Nikki break down what you should be doing.

Truth You Can Act On:

    1. Own your fears and deficits – we all have them. Know what they are and embrace them, and go at your own pace to work through them.
    2. Ask your people for feedback. Don’t just check the box, but have authentic conversations illustrating you want the feedback and you’ve heard it.
    3. Words and actions create trust. Watch what you say and do closely and be intentional with your efforts.

Nikki’s Book Recommendation:


  • The Zone – The Zone is the space where happiness and high performance coexist. We believe in making organizations more human and for this to happen we should not have to trade one for the other. We’re offering 10 free coaching sessions to Gut+Science listeners. Visit https://thezone.co/gutscience/coaching to get started.

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