108: Eliminating the Ego and Focusing on the Mission | Alex Tyink

Alex Tyink is the President of Fork Farms, a company that believes anybody can be a farmer. They deliver this message by engaging deeply with their customers to help them build strong relationships with fresh food.

While the focus of their company is meaningful connections with customers, Alex is committed to helping his people feel the company mission. 

In this episode Alex shares insights on getting team members to buy into the mission. It’s not easy, but he firmly believes the key to success is making sure everyone feels the impact of their own work.

Truth You Can Act On:

1. Hire Right
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Alex Tyink:  “I think it’s more of a practice personally than it is a silver bullet. I think for us, it starts with the hire. I think when we hire the right people that fit the culture, fit the energy that we’re trying to build, that have the collaboration potential, you know, that gets you a fair amount of the way. I think I’ve found when you don’t have that, it’s really more of an uphill battle.”

2. Eliminate the Ego
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Alex Tyink: “It’s training up the leaders that we’re lifting up into these different critical roles and helping them understand that this is the way they’re going to be able to drive the most impact through the organization. It’s not about ego and who reports to who. It’s really about what’s best for the company, what’s best for the mission, and what’s best for the entire team. I think building a culture around humility and consciousness of our own ego, it’s tough to do, but those are some of the toughest conversations that I think we’ve had with our people.”

3. Focus on Employee Wellbeing 
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Alex Tyink: “For us, consciously stepping back, looking at what results we’re trying to drive, and reminding ourselves the key activities we really believe are going to drive those results, and making sure that we’re really prioritized in the right place. I think it can be really healthy to have resets periodically where it’s okay for the team to shift course a little bit and to make sure that they redirect and reprioritize their energy. Those resets, I think, can be refreshing and they can make sure that the team stays connected to the mission.”


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