Throwback: Leaders: Do You REALLY Work on You? | Tim Spiker

As leaders, we are often so focused on how to make our company or our employees better we forget to take time for our own development. Tim SpikerPresident and CEO of The Aperio Group, is a speaker, author, leadership consultant, and experience-creator led by the mission of making better leaders.

In this throwback episode, Nikki revisits the conversation she and Tim had around self-development techniques for leaders. He also answers the question, “As a leader, do you really work on you?” You’ll hear him discuss the importance of shifting our mindset to make sure we are constantly learning and developing, as well as how being trustworthy impacts employee engagement.

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1. Be Willing to Go Deep
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Tim Spiker:  “This is very different than learning a new idea about the strategy, organizational development or business, or going much deeper than that. And so it’s really critical that we’d be willing to go to that depth. So that’s the first thing, depth. We need willingness in leaders to have the courage to look in the mirror. And by the way, the first time they do that, they’re already practicing because courage is something that’s very important in leadership. So there we go, we’re off and running, but it’s so important that we be willing to look under the hood of our own car that we’ve got to peel back and not simply look at actions. That’s a sucker thing to do. When it comes to leadership development, we have to be willing to look at motives and perspectives. We’ve got to go deeper than mere actions if we’re going to develop who we are as people.”

2. Community is Necessary
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Tim Spiker: “We need people that are going to help hold us accountable, because as we were talking earlier, this is a long slog. This is a tough road. This is far more a marathon mini sprint, and so we need people who are going to check in with us along the way…The other thing that comes along with community besides accountability is the opportunity to learn. I get to hear your stories, I ask a follow on question in a meeting where I wouldn’t have normally, and I learned so much more and I really felt like I had a better relationship with the person I was interacting with than I did even before that conversation.”

3. Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint
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Tim Spiker: “This is brushing your teeth. You have to stay engaged with working on who you are a little bit every day, every week, and so over time, you get a chance to be in all of those leadership opportunities. The lab is your real life of leading, and time gives us a chance to push into those things.”

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