122: Do You. Be Different. | Tim Winders

Tim Winders is a performance coach and host of the podcast SeekGoCreate. He has an overcomer journey, having faced the struggles of finding himself and his purpose.. 

Tim Says, “Leadership is being a steward over the people, places and things that you have been gifted with.” Listen as Nikki and Tim dive deep into finding our assignment in the world and how to be a servant to others. 

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1. Success = The Assignment Given to Me
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Tim Winders: “I think we have a purpose. All of us were created for something. It’s my spiritual belief. It’s even my practical, everyday leadership belief. We are designed and created for something. And so, our big task in life is to attempt to find what that assignment is today, next week, next year. Sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes it is easy. And that’s one of the reasons I believe we all need coaches and mentors and people to help us find that assignment.”

2. Be Quiet and Still
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Tim Winders: “Finding the assignment is pausing and being still. Being quiet. I spend time in prayer, meditation. Whatever that looks like. If it’s just quiet, if it’s putting away devices, or whatever it is, if it’s journaling, a lot of people can find this in a lot of different ways, but I believe that we need white space so that we can hear the still voice. It puts us in a place of peace where we just understand more about what we’re to do right now, what our assignment is currently.”

3. Put It on Your Calendar
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Tim Winders: “I build in quiet time. If you look at my calendar, I’ve got blocks all through it. But early in the day rarely do I schedule a lot of meetings. I like to have quiet time. I like to pause. I usually like to journal. I think some people really do well with journaling. Some people struggle with it, but I think writing things down has power because it engages a muscle in our brains that we typically don’t use.”

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