069 – Why Relationship Building is Crucial to Retention | Deseri Garcia

Did you know that when people have someone at work who’s considered a good friend, they are seven times more likely to fully engage in their work? Yet, many companies still don’t incorporate relationship building into their recruitment and retention strategies.

In this episode of Gut+Science, we’re talking to Deseri Garcia, the founder of Vida Aventura, a platform to build high-performing teams. Deseri believes relationship building is crucial to growing and sustaining employee engagement, and that a culture fostered around camaraderie boosts retention. 

Listen in as Deseri discusses essential skills, onboarding, and psychological safety [the feeling your people have when their leader, their company and their team have their back]. 

How can you build psychological safety within your company? And how can you create camaraderie opportunities both inside and outside the workplace to build bonds among leaders and peers? You’ll want to hear Deseri’s advice. 

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Soft Skills Are Essential Skills. These skills are what make engagement and learning stick, and having relationships with coworkers is crucial when it comes to retention. 
  2. Make Onboarding a Journey, Not an Event. Everyone has different learning styles. Onboarding is not a check-the-box thing, so it can’t be done in a few days. 
  3. Be Intentional About Building Psychological Safety. Set the stage for everyone to share their thoughts and to be heard in meetings. Psychological safety is a key driver of employee engagement. 
  4. Relationship Building. Make sure these relationship-building team events occur regularly. Bonus points if you have them offsite! 

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