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Dennis Murphy (@dennismurphy340) is the President and CEO of IU Health, a healthcare mecca with 35,000 employees, 17 hospitals, and 400 locations statewide. Their culture is driven by one uniting mission: To make Indiana the healthiest state in the country.

With 30 years of leadership experience, Dennis has served with organizations of all sizes. He’s learned that whether you have 40 employees or 40,000, the building blocks for a healthy culture remain the same.

The first building block is recognizing the difference between a “smart” and a “healthy” organization. While most organizations are smart, they tend to not be healthy. To be successful, you need both. Listen in to learn how to diagnose and improve your organizational health.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Feel your culture. How? Clarity and consistency in messaging, a clear construct for leaders of all levels to make good decisions, and storytelling. Tell stories that reinforce the culture you’re trying to build.
  2. Build a healthy workplace. How? No matter the size of the organization, the steps are the same: Identify your goals, clearly communicate those goals, and empower and assist teams to work together to achieve them.
  3. Shift your values. How? Move from constitutional values to values that embody who you are. Be able to share your values in 20 seconds or less (the human attention span is shorter than ever). Seek employee feedback on crafting your values. For larger organizations, consider having a sample size give feedback versus the entire workforce. Lastly, make the change of values a movement and not a mandate.

Book Recommendation:


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