Healthcare Series – Lessons in Leading and Being Led | Secretary David Shulkin

Gut+Science is expanding into the healthcare sector with a specific subseries to impact employee engagement in the healthcare industry.

In this subseries, we’re bringing you the best influencers and leaders in healthcare to share best practices, stories, and lessons to build stronger people-first healthcare institutions.

We’re launching the series with Secretary David Shulkin, Ninth Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Secretary Shulkin joins Nikki to discuss his fascinating experiences with a wide range of leaders–including two United States Presidents–and the lessons he’s learned from leading and being led.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Cast a big vision. Keyword–BIG.
  2. Get to know and work with others’ pace.
  3. Consciously think about how you want to lead: Step back, get out of it, and define how you want to lead, then step back in and implement.
  4. Tap in to your people’s strengths to maximize their contributions.

Nikki’s Book Recommendation:


  • – Wambi is about human connections. We view feedback as the fuel for interpersonal growth and are always striving to achieve the highest versions of ourselves and to lift others up along the way.

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