061 – The Talent Shortage: Forcing Innovation + Collaboration | David Decker

Did you know there are 6.9 million open jobs in America and only 6.2 million people available to fill them?

In this episode, David Decker, Founder of Hub & Spoke, discusses how we can innovate and collaborate through today’s talent shortage. 

“We need everyone to come together and collaborate if we’re going to make a difference. Get together in your communities with other business leaders and brainstorm how you can actually make a difference together – because you’re not going to solve it by yourself,” David says.

Being innovative and taking action on new ideas is incredibly important. If anyone is going to do it, it’s you – as a leader. Where do you start? Listen in.

Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Partner with K-12 to Attack the Talent Shortage Problem. We have to start educating children on career options earlier on and keep in mind the opportunities to skill up aside from the traditional college path.
  2. Who’s Your Team? Have a group of people that you can collaborate with and support each other to overcome problems. Be sure to email Nikki at nikki@emplify.com if you need ideas on how to find groups of people like this.
  3. Be Involved in Your Community. Everything works better with community participation.

Book Recommendation: 

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