050 – Mastering Communication to Boost Employee Engagement at Your Company | David Butler

70 percent of employees don’t feel engaged at work, which creates a big problem for companies not just across America but globally.

That staggering statistic is just one of the reasons why employee engagement is at the top of David Butler’s list. As the Founder of Spanvest International, David works alongside company executives to champion change through the people stuff – the stuff that really matters.

David knows that companies who excel at employee engagement communicate with employees. Not just as a mass group, but one-on-one as well.

However, high employee engagement usually comes after a lot of trial and error.

So, how can you make a conscious, proactive effort to increase engagement inside your company while helping your employees perform at their top potential? Listen in to find out.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Master your communication process. How are you conducting your communication when it comes to both the masses and employee one-on-ones?
  2. Build relationships with your people. It’s important to truly get to know your people. Understand your employees and what they want by building a human-to-human relationship.
  3. Conduct alignment interviews. These interviews are an opportunity to build alignment between the employee and manager, and also between the employee and the company. Listen in for David’s three critical topics to cover in these alignment interviews.
  4. Evaluate how David’s ‘5-Step Process’ can help you. Ask, listen, thank, and think. Then once you’ve thought about it, go back to that person and respond with an honest answer. Show your employees that you are truly listening and responding to their needs.

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