072 – Leading a People-First Organization | Dave Foellinger

In today’s Gut+Science episode, we’re reemphasizing the importance of real, transparent, authentic, and meaningful connections at work, and how these same traits are core to decision making in leadership.

Dave Foellinger is the President and COO of Jack Laurie Group. He’s in an industry plagued with high turnover and is constantly aiming to improve and innovate processes.

Listen in as Dave shares his failures turned learnings throughout his leadership journey, and the importance of leading a people-first organization.

Truth You Can Act On: 

    1. Make Building Real and Meaningful Connections Your Top Priority. Understand what motivates your people and get to know them personally to support them outside of their work role.
    2. Measure Employee Engagement and Share the Findings with Managers. Empower your managers with data that gives them a roadmap to know where to focus on innovating for change. Be sure to encourage curiosity as a trait in this process.
    3. Hiring Right is Critical. Hire great people – but make sure they’re aligned with your company’s culture and core values.

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