051 – Developing Processes to Promote Growth in Your Organization | Dane DeLozier

Dane DeLozier is a problem solver. As the Co-Founder of Enable, he helps companies and leaders unlock their employees’ potential by crafting problem-solving processes.

As a leader, you may be quick to jump in when there’s a problem or employee conflict. However, Dane believes you have to focus on the real issues of your business as opposed to getting sucked into all the issues of the business.

If your employees raise a serious concern or need to get ‘unstuck’ on bigger problems, that’s where you come in.

So, how can you develop your employees’ problem-solving skills?

Dane believes developing a collaborative process is essential for effective problem solving within any organization. Listen in to hear how you can develop a company culture that encourages collaborative problem solving and maximizes human potential.

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. We need commitment. Before building and executing a process, it’s imperative to have everyone on the leadership team on board.
  2. We need processes. Processes help us hold each other accountable. What processes do you have in place when it comes to developing your employees? How could they improve?
  3. Learn how to have tough conversations. Dane tells us the most important thing about these conversations is the timing. As a leader, decide democratically and execute autocratically.
  4. Focus on unlocking human potential. How? You have to master what makes people tick and tap into their strengths.
  5. People alignment is a must. It’s important to understand the person, the team they’re on, and the leader they’re working with, and then make sure the alignment is there.

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