089 – Helping Our People Rewire | Dan Lappin

Dan Lappin is the President and CEO of Lappin180, a high-performance sales consulting firm working to disrupt conventional sales norms. He’s also an international speaker and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a podcaster himself. 

Truth You Can Act On:

  1. What are your internal self-limitations? We all have them, but awareness is the first step to overcoming.
    • [00:08:59] we have to become self-aware or cautious of them if we’re going to be able to move away from them and start listening to the other voices that we have, which are far more empowering. [00:09:13]
  2. What are your superpowers? Know them. Embrace them. Work on belief in you. Get rid of the assumptions and negative thoughts that hold you back from fully utilizing your superpowers.
    • [00:11:37] we tend to overestimate what we have in place and what we currently do. And we tend to underestimate what we could gain by doing something different. And we do that innately and it keeps us safe because if we can control and experience, we can give ourselves the illusion of being safe. [00:11:56]
    • [00:12:39] according to the research, we’re having 40,000 potentially negative thoughts, every single day of self doubt. Talking ourselves out of something. And then out of that 80 %, those negative thoughts, 95% of those are, are reoccurring. [00:12:56]
  3. Get good at asking uncomfortable questions to your people, and have a coach that does the same for you as well. Uncomfortable questions are a powerful technique to get to the real-deal issues.
    • [00:14:55] So if I have to ask a tough question, I have to remind myself, I have to ask this question, even though it’s going to make this individual uncomfortable, the results though will be, they might become more self-aware of what they’re doing, they might be able to take more ownership and a game plan to change what they’re doing. [00:15:16]
  4. Help your people see the blind spots they have on their own; you just lead them to it.
    • [00:14:37] if my goal is to truly help the person, and I know that in order to help this person, I have to help this person see things for what they are. I have to help this person become more self-aware, more conscious. What that means is I have to let my intent guide me.[00:14:55]
    • [00:17:37] That’s the power of changing our thinking. When we change our thinking about how do I help this person see. If this is something worth their time, or how do I help this person see their blind spots and help them ask questions. I asked them questions to help them see what their alternatives are. What we’re doing is we’re becoming true advisers or true leaders. We’re not dictating the terms of the conversation. What we’re doing is we’re helping the other person come to conclusions on their own. And sometimes they’re tough conclusions, but the cool thing is that the individual owns them because they came up with them. [00:18:11]

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