058 – The Ideal Leader: Listening vs. Talking | Chris Hutchinson

Chris Hutchinson is the founder and CEO of Trebuchet Group. Chris’ experiences in the military and the corporate world taught him that great leadership can be learned and that everyone is a leader in some way.

How can you strive to create an environment of success for yourself and everyone you work with so they can enjoy doing their best work?

Listen in as Chris dives into the characteristics of a healthy (and unhealthy) team, why it’s vital to get uncomfortable in the workplace, and how YOU can become an ideal leader. 

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Truth You Can Act On: 

  1. Healthy Teams. You may have superstars sitting next to each other, but they don’t work well together. Sound familiar? As a leader, don’t be a referee. A healthy team consists of people helping each other be bigger than themselves.
  2. Get Uncomfortable. Yes, you heard that right. As Chris says, getting uncomfortable is vital to your organization. Talk about how you’re feeling, and look at the bigger picture. 
  3. The “Ideal Leader.” An ideal leader isn’t someone shouting orders – it’s someone who is listening. Try starting your one-on-one meetings by asking your people how they’re doing as a human. Let them know right off the bat that they’re psychologically safe, and can be themselves around you. 

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