079 – Creating A Successful Remote Work Experience | Chris Byers

On today’s Gut + Science, we’re loaded up with great advice on making the most of working remotely, especially when it’s unexpected.

Chris Byers is the CEO of Formstack, a SaaS company with a remote-first workforce. Chris is a veteran of the working from home environment, and he’s bringing us some of his best lessons on keeping your workforce engaged when they’re not in the same room.

Truth You Can Act On:

    1. Set the foundation. If you don’t set the foundation for engaging with your organization early–like in your onboarding process–people will fill those gaps on their own.
    2. Don’t assume you’re in alignment with your team members. Be intentional about communicating goals and objectives so there’s no ambiguity or room for miscommunication.
    3. Write it down. If you don’t write down the objectives and key results for you and your team, you won’t have the alignment and clarity that will allow you to communicate effectively and work toward the goal.
    4. Embrace video technology as much as possible. When working remotely, recreate the in-person experience as much as you can.
    5. Formalize the informal. Take the natural, informal aspects of the in-person work experience – going to lunch, grabbing coffee, friendly banter– and do them on purpose. They won’t happen naturally in a remote environment, so you have to force them if you want to maintain the relational aspect of your work environment.

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