071 – You Can’t Stop The Growth: Building a Culture That Takes Care of Your Customers | Chad Peterman

Gut+Science is back in 2020 with an epic lineup of highly engaged leaders!

In our first episode of the new year, we’re talking to Chad Peterman, President of family-owned trade business Peterman Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Inc.

You’ll hear Chad discuss eight ways to lead a growing company with a strong culture and happy customers. His energy for culture, leadership, and community is contagious. Listen in.

Plus, make sure to check out Chad’s new book: You Can’t Stop The Growth: Building a Culture That Takes Care of Your Customers.

Truth You Can Act On: 

    1. Empower Your Employees to Dream Big. Create a safe environment for your people to be themselves, and share their perspectives, strengths, and values. Psychological safety is a flagship driver for employee engagement.
    2. Paint a Vivid Vision. Make sure employees know where the company is going. Illustrate what the company looks like in the future, as clarity of the future helps employees gain confidence in their role.
    3. Ask Powerful Questions.. It’s easy to tell people what to do, but it doesn’t help your employees know that you trust then. If your employees know you’re listening, you’re empowering them. 

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