109: Celebrate Accomplishments BIG (and Not Lose Momentum) | Larry Olsen

Larry Olsen, is an international speaker, author, podcast host, executive coach, and the CEO of Aperneo, an achievement acceleration company. 

Larry has years of experience working with Fortune 50 companies, championship teams, and entrepreneurs to establish their vision and sense of purpose. He is passionate about providing quick, actionable guidance on breaking ingrained, ineffective habits that hold individuals back. His best-selling book, Get a Vision and Live It, help people learn how to change their attitudes to align with their visions.

In this episode, Larry talks about recognition in different forms, sustaining momentum without slowing down, and the importance of a clearly communicated vision.

Truth You Can Act On:

1. Know the Difference Between Praise and Recognition
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Larry Olsen:  “The difference between praise and recognition is one is very global and the other is very specific. So when I say, ‘Thank you. You did a great job today.’ That goes in one ear and out the other, but if I say, ‘On thatjob, the way you articulated how we were going to resolve their situation was just spot on. You’ve really got talent there. Continue that.’ And the reason behind that, if you get into the psychology, praise is something that we’ve heard our whole life. Recognition is where we really get into kind of the Skinnerian philosophy, and that is that reinforce the behaviors that you want to continue to see in your organization. And that’s why it’s so important that we’re talking about what we’d like about what they did as opposed to where they fell off.”

2. Thoughts Become Predictors
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Larry Olsen: “If we learned a bad attitude, we can learn one that brings out the best in others and is in alignment with the values of the organization. And pretty soon what happens is all of the correction that’s made in the company is relative to what the organization decided it wanted to stand for relative to its treatment of others and how it stands out in the community. That’s the whole answer to this whole celebration when I have the right attitude.”

3. Regularly Communicate a Clear Vision
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Larry Olsen: “When you go now corporately and you take all of these individuals who are trying to figure their life out, and you as a company, create something greater than itself. And that’s the accomplishment of this vision and what it’s going to do. It’s going to allow each individual to fulfill their sense of purpose and their vision. And this is where onboarding and alignment comes into play is now they get to ask themselves, can I fit in this company? Because the company is clearly articulated. Here’s our sense of purpose and here’s our vision, and unfortunately those words have gotten a negative attitude because most people use them and don’t understand what they mean.”

4. Wallow in Your Accomplishments, Not Your Shortcomings
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Larry Olsen: “Why is it when things go right we don’t make a big deal about it? Because we expect it, don’t we? We expect it was supposed to go that way. And so what we have to do is we have to unwind all this conditioning of going through 12 to 18 years of education on how important the right answer was. When we were little in school, we get the papers back and they had everything circled in red. So as adults we end up focusing on apparently to get better in life you focus on what’s wrong. Well, that is not the case at all. Once we understand the biology and physiology of the human species, that that is absolutely backwards. And so when there’s an accomplishment, we’ve got a wallow in it.”

5. Rest is Critical to Keeping Momentum
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Larry Olsen: “Most of us aren’t in a position where we can do any meditation at work, but all meditation is is doing something other than thinking, and we need to do that so that we can refresh. We know that we can’t work out for an hour straight without being a little exhausted. We take little breaks in between the different exercises, but someone will sit in front of a computer all day long and not even breathe. So structure it for the individuals in the organization, but have them be the ones who design it for you. Don’t you get this great idea and then throw it at all your people. That’s a big mistake that leaders make, and the thing for leaders is to take those time outs.”

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