Healthcare Series: Building an Army of Culture Champions | Tria Deibert

Tria Deibert, VP of Culture at Hackensack Meridian Health, is a warrior for organizational culture. As a culture leader herself, she understands it takes a team, not a person, to build company culture. In today’s episode, you’ll hear Tria talk about the challenge of merging two organizations and the lessons she learned from that experience.

Truth You Can Act On

  1. Spend time making the vision, mission, and values real and livable.
    Supporting Quote:
    Tria Deibert: [6:54] “Your mission, vision, and beliefs, can’t just be a beautifully written statement. It needs to be real and livable. Finding the balance of that, what’s real and livable as you’re bringing organizations together, is really where the magic is.
  2. Create core beliefs and reiterate them constantly.
    Supporting Quote:
    Tria Deibert: [13:22] “When we did our research, we learned what the team valued, and that informed the development of our core beliefs. And what we heard thematically was teamwork, human experience, quality,  being highly reliable, and innovation. So, those are all great things to value, especially in healthcare, and they certainly speak to the mind, but when I looked at them, they didn’t speak to my heart, and I didn’t know that they would speak to our team members’ hearts. So we crafted our core beliefs. As I mentioned before, they’re affectionately known as the four CS kind of with this knowledge in mind. And so, you know, born out of that discussion was creative, courageous, collaborative, and compassionate. And so innovation became creative. I will do my part to make things better. Quality and HRO became courageous. I will do the right thing. Teamwork became collaborative. I embraced teamwork, and the human experience became compassionate. I am the human experience.
  3. Equip employees to be good storytellers of your brand and your culture.
    Supporting Quote:
    Tria Deibert: [12:24] ”The culture has to be really reflective of who you are and who you aspire to be. And the only way to get there is to listen, to and involve your team members, understand what they hold dear, and really work with them to create the future they want to see.”
  4. Be clear on the “why,” then give a really clear path letting them know the “how”.
    Supporting Quote:
    Tria Deibert: [16:01] “I worked with our culture champions to equip them with the key messages
    and materials. So I was very clear on the why, but they owned the, how. And really what made
    this successful was we gave them a structure. We gave them materials, but they were selected
    for a reason, and we really gave them the power and the ability to bring these messages and
    these ideas forward in different events that were specific to where they were.”

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Book Recommendation:

  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein


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