093: Powerful Cultural Norms | Brian Provost, Troy Thibodeau

Brian Provost and Troy Thibodeau are part of the executive team at Ascentis, a SaaS-based Human Capital Management company. In this episode, Brian and Troy join Nikki to discuss the cultural norms they have implemented to create an engaging workforce.  

Listen in as they share their business journey.

Truth You Can Act On

  1. Be intentional about creating cultural norms by first identifying your desired outcome
    [00:01:43] Troy: We define culture as a set of shared beliefs in how we want to behave at Ascentis and what we’ve found…is that when you can create a common set of beliefs amongst your team, it creates a great community and it creates strong engagement. [00:02:04]
  2. Make cultural norms memorable
    [00:04:50] Troy: A key ingredient to the creation of these cultural norms is how do you make them memorable so that when you walk up to folks any given day in an office, or you’d meet one of your teammates and you say, what are our cultural norms? They can easily rattle them off. [00:05:05]
  3. Create awards that recognize employees for modeling the norms
    [00:17:02] Troy: As you actually walk around the Ascentis offices, you will see the culture of excellence artifacts sitting on people’s desks, and it will indicate which of the cultural norms that they’ve been recognized for in that program. [00:17:15]
  4. Ensure your cultural norms are incorporated into your business strategy
    [00:24:55] Brian: By having strong leaders in the business, which ultimately incorporate the cultural norms, essentially you’ve got a true North you can count on. These folks are selfless. They hold a rudder that’s straight and regardless of things happening, no one’s jumping in their foxhole and people are just continuing to March forward. [00:25:19]


  • Ascentis Ascentis is a SaaS-based Human Capital Management software that offers easy-to-use HCM, HRIS, online payroll, talent management, recruiting, and timekeeping solutions. Request a complimentary review of your processes and policies at https://www.ascentis.com/gutscience

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