017 – A Culture Philosophy in 5 S’s | Bernie McGuinness

Bernie McGuinness is the Chief Executive Officer at Majestic Care. The business specializes in community-based skilled nursing throughout Indiana, including short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, and memory care. Bernie has been CEO since May 2018.

With more than 20 years of experience in senior healthcare management, Bernie understands the inherent stresses of the modern day healthcare professional. It’s his primary motivation for fostering what he calls a “culture first, people first” organization. He constantly focuses on developing the emotional ownership of his care team members, who are the critical first points of contact for the communities served by his organization.

Bernie has condensed his vast professional management knowledge into a strategy he describes as “The Five S’s.” He developed the system to better empower his employees to take big ideas and turn them into daily strategies for sustainable and prolonged growth.

Truth You Can Act On – The Five S’s:

  1. Shine: First impressions make incredible impacts. Continued impressions create expectations. What does your physical work environment say about your culture? Set a high priority on fostering a clean and inspiring environment to demonstrate the value of your employees.
  2. Smile: Turnover is high in many industries, including healthcare. Don’t overlook or undervalue the basic need of all employees: to feel welcomed and appreciated. A warm greeting manifests a winning culture of people-first.
  3. Start Strong: Start each and every day out strongly. Promote the importance of employees arriving and starting their tasks on time. Start every meeting exactly when scheduled. These daily acknowledgments of respect fuel a culture of success.
  4. Swagger: A confident employee shouldn’t be a random anomaly. Confidence stems from a deep understanding of not only internal products but also dynamics within your industry. Strive for swagger by providing your employees with tools to be informed and engaged.
  5. Show Off: It’s easier for management to take pride in what they do, as they tend to see the bigger picture of how all of the moving parts come together. Foster this sense of pride and ownership within your workforce by promoting employees at all levels to share their success stories.


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2 comments on 017 – A Culture Philosophy in 5 S’s | Bernie McGuinness

  1. Eric Wolfe says:

    Bernie is the real thing! Many years ago, Bernie developed the 5s strategy and remained committed to this vision for over a decade. Majestic Care is destined to succeed related to true leadership Bernie creates.

  2. Brandon says:

    Great points! Simple things that so many forget over time.

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